Sunday, 7 February 2010

Minimalist living

Well, the bathroom and shower room got taken out last week. We probably reached our nadir (big word) on the day we had a bathroom with no floor and no door and the cold tap (see above) which didn't always have water in it! However things are moving along with lots of studwork and platerboard going up. Most of the first fix is done and there's been quite a lot of discussion about the position of stuff.

Ordering of various items continues. The internet is a wonderful think but it gives you almost limitless choice. When we did our lounge extension in the mid 90s, I don't think I gave any thought to the style of radiator or the design of the windows and doors. This time it's a case of deciding a style, looking at suppliers, comparing prices and delivery times ... then ordering. And talkng about choice, we finally settled on the work surface at the third sample stage. Again, a huge range of choices and a custom made sample which needed tweaking - just a sigh of relief that we've got there in the end.

Today I think Steve intends to knock out the door between the kitchen and the lounge so there are sheets everywhere and I'm probably going to have to take the curtains down. Did I mention the dust ......?

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