Thursday, 18 March 2010

Nearly there

Well, it must be near the end of the job because Steve, the man in charge, hasn't been here for a couple of days! Les the carpenter has fitted the oak floor in the kitchen which looks lovely and John the painter has made a good start. All the paints have been chosen and it just shows how useful the sample pots are - a colour I had picked for the kitchen looked really wrong when it dried out. It's still a novelty to have a working bath and the new shower is bliss. The bath screen just didn't work - wouldn't straighten out or seal on the bath and the handle was missing. So I prepared myself for a debate with the internet company we ordered it from and then they were very helpful and took the screen back without a murmur. A different model is now here and waiting to be fitted. And the latest good news is that the worktops are coming next Tuesday - hooray! So then the hob can go in and the sink be plumbed in properly.

Jsut a few more pictures showing bits of the different rooms. If you want to see the finished product, you'll have to wait until you visit us.

Waiting for the flat screen tv to be added ....................

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