Sunday, 14 March 2010

Still dusty but getting there

Sorry it's been so long since the last entry. Just so much going on. One day last week there were seven different people with at least 4 trades and I just had to go to Linda's house to have a bath and wash clothes. The plumber has been a bit here and there and when he disappeared on Wednesday and was not coming back until Saturday, I decided enough was enough so made a phone call. So he did get here on Friday for 5 hours and gave us a connected bathroom and washing machine - bliss! Everything has moved on quite a lot since these pictures and I'll upload some more this week. Worksurface has been made but is 'curing' so probably won't get here until next week. Just had a day of cleaning and tidying as I COULDN'T STAND THE MESS ANY LONGER. However I know the dust will be back.

The painter has started to put the mist coat on the walls so now we're picking paint colours and tomorrow we're probably picking up the oak floor for the kitchen. So we are definitely getting there. I reckon about 10 days should see it done, we will see ....

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