Friday, 29 January 2010

Beams and walls .. and more dust!

Well, I did some dusting on Saturday (not a lot) and then we went down to Bill's Mum in Devon for a couple of nights. So we weren't here when the new beams went in on Monday with a crew of about 6 getting them into place. Then the acroprops came out and, as you can see, the space has really opened up. I have now realised that dusting is pointless as the layer was thicker than ever when we got home - the phrase about omelettes and breaking eggs springs to mind.

The building inspector has been around and asked some questions and requested a trial trench to look at the main house foundations. A bit of a debate about a couple of changes but we're hoping for a good outcome. Sam the electrician has now been here a couple of days so the mass of wires dropping from the ceiling and walls is getting sorted - and yet more decisions for the lighting plan and cookers and switches and sockets.....

Thanks to all who have fed us or let us use their kitchens this week - eating or cooking or typing or just sitting without dust is such a luxury!

The stud walls are going up so we are getting a real sense of the shape of the new rooms. Just think I'll take my tape and have a little check of the measurements ...

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