Monday, 18 January 2010

Well, we're only a little bit late starting..

It's taken us a while for the building work to start to update the house. Our original plans were drawn up in 2008 and it's only today that the builders have moved in. The last 2 weeks have been spent packing the kitchen into the shed, putting the bathroom, shower room and airing cupboard bits into various bedrooms and sorting, storing and tipping a lot of stuff from the family room.

Last night saw me up in the loft as I realised that the builders were going to need some space to move a loft hatch and put in new lights. So then there was more stuff for the tip. And now there are units being stripped out, walls and ceilings coming down and a skip on the drive. Oh yes, and the first round of tea and coffee.

If you are wondering about the title of the blog, have you ever noticed the name of our house? I'm a great Tolkien fan and Rivendell was the last friendly house of the elves in the Lord of the Rings before Frodo began the real adventure. How very apt ....

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