Friday, 22 January 2010

Let there be .....

..... light! So they started putting the veluxes in . That's Steve standing in the middle of one and Chase up the ladder. They make a huge difference to the light that is coming into the new kitchen area so we're really pleased with them.

The enormous steels that are going to support the back of the house arrived a day early yesterday and are now sitting immovable in the front and back gardens. It was a quiet day today as Steve was cutting out parts of the joists where the new beams will go. This should happen on Monday when everyone is being called in to lift them into place - fingers crossed.

Lots of ordering has been going on by us and now we have some stuff in odd places like a bath in the lounge, a shower tray and radiators in the hall and 18 boxes of tiles outside the front door. Hopefully the bathroom and shower room work will start soon.

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